Product Announcement

Effective January 1, 2016, Master Meter Systems, Inc. is relocating their Meter Reading Systems Technical Support Group to Mansfield, TX, the North American headquarters for their parent company, Master Meter, Inc. The primary aim of this transition is to co-locate and unite customer service efforts around meter reading system technologies and water measurement products.

To insure uninterrupted support for our utility billing and accounting software customers, Richard Putnam, the original developer of the Master Meter System's utility billing software, has formed a new corporation to take ownership of these core products. As a Master Meter Systems customer this translates to an improved customer service experience, and continued software enhancements.

Beginning December 1st, 2015, Ampstun Corporation will be invoicing annual support fees for the utility billing and accounting products used by your utility. Master Meter, Inc. will continue to invoice for meter reading system annual support fees. During this transition period the support phone number and support staff for all products will remain the same.

Beginning January 1st 2016, Ampstun will provide a toll free support phone number (888-252-4784) and staff dedicated to utility billing and accounting system customers. Ellen Stermer, Richard Putnam, and several current employees will continue to support the utility billing and accounting software.

Master Meter software developers and Ampstun will be sharing office space and resources in Lexington, KY through 2016. We believe that this arrangement will ensure a smooth transition for both meter reading and utility billing customers alike. You will also soon receive a letter from Ampstun announcing this change in ownership with their plans for future enhancements and upgrade paths for the utility billing software.

We are excited by the positive improvements to the customer experience that these changes bring. We are fortunate that many of today's same staff will continue to support our current billing and accounting products as we move forward. In addition, as a new company, Ampstun will bring a fresh, energized focus to the support, enhancement, and upgrading of these products.

If you have any questions regarding this transition you can contact Richard Putnam directly at 859-977-6041, or Ben Putnam at 859-977-6044

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