Handheld Reading System

Hydrus Luna: Fully Ruggedized ergonomic design for all utility field applications

Master Meter Systems has recently completed development of a new handheld meter reading application. This new application integrates directly with the new MasterLinx Enterprise System and allows your handheld to automatically upload its routes, work orders, meter pictures, work order pictures, and GPS coordinates to the system. This means no more copying files to and from the handheld. If you are reading with a handheld that has WiFi, all the information can be uploaded or downloaded from anywhere you have a signal. As you read meters, the information collected will be automatically forwarded to the new MasterLinx Enterprise System. This happens seamlessly, without pressing a button on your handheld. Our new meter reading application will automatically detect a handheld dock, WiFi signal or cellular data plan and transfer the information to the system.


The New Hydrus® Luna features the same outstanding battery life, rugged exterior, and integrated imager as the original Hydrus. So what's different about Hydrus Luna? Poorly lit offices, dark warehouses and overcast skies can make it difficult to capture a detailed image. The New Hydrus Luna features an integrated Xenon True-Flash-System that brings subjects to life in demanding photographic applications. Whether you are in a dark utility closet or in a parking garage at sunset, you will always have the right amount of illumination on your subject. The powerful flash is software-controllable, which allows you to adjust the intensity for close or distant images. Combine all of this with the serious computing power, incredible battery life, an IP67/68 rating, and Precision GPS; and Hydrus Luna has all your utility needs covered.


Optional Integrated Precision GPS
With optimum antenna position for sky visibility and user operation, the Hydrus® Luna GPS features cutting- edge Horizontal Positioning accuracy, 2.5m CEP, and Fastest Time-To-First-Fix in the market with the highest sensitivity for hot and aided starts.

JETT®·ce Ruggedized ergonomic design for all utility field applications

Designed for one-handed operation, the JETT®·ce features a powerful Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 operating system; Intel XScale® Technology Processor; color, sunlight-readable display with touch screen technology; and a variety of interface capabilities. Master Meter now provides an integrated Bluetooth® wireless option for the JETT®·ce. For wand-style proximity reads, a utility can now choose between classic wired or a Bluetooth-enabled connection-free meter reading probe. The JETT®·ce is specifically designed for use in the utility environment. The case is molded from Xenoy®; one of the most durable, chemical-resistant materials available on the market today. Securely clamped into place, the keypad surface ensures excellent splash resistance and prevents curling or peeling of the keypad overlay.